The Freshport facility is state-of-the-art

In Freshport we distinguish 3 major products flows that are separated
NVWA Inspection area
Front building
Pallet system
Pallet system
Non EU area airside
NVWA inspection Area
EU area Landside
Highly automated facilities
  • Perishables for human consumption, i.e. fish and meat
  • Perishables not for human consumption , e.g. vaccine or bull semen
  • Ornamental fish
  • Vegetables and flowers
Besides swift handling and EU-inspection facilities for these 4 categories, Freshport can offer additional services such as:
  • Cool/frozen storage
  • Sorting
  • Distribution
  • Quality Control

With highly automated cool and frozen storage facilities, where the temperature is set at the desired range, constantly monitored and captured, we can offer failure proof cool facilities.