KCB handling costs 2021

(request please email to keuringen@freshport.nl)

All shipments
€ 0.13 per kg airwaybill weight, min € 250,-


  1. Airside transport to Freshport (not from KLM)
  2. Break down shipment at Freshport
  3. Assistance at inspection
  4. Loading truck for transport


  1. Inspection request at KCB (the customer applies and is invoiced for inspection by KCB)
  2. Storage costs in case of night storage
  3. Extra handling (on request)
  4. Block pallets € 7.50 each
  5. Transport costs Handling Company

We kindly ask you to send a request for inspection as as soon as possible to keuringen@freshport.nl!
For all our services, The Nekovri Conditions, under number 832/94 (see www.nekovri.nl) and/or our General Conditions, as deposited with the district Court of Amsterdam under number 60/2003 (see also www.freshport.nl) are applicable